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Savannah Kittens

The kittens below are available for reservation and will be able to go home between 12-16 weeks of age. Posted prices are for companion/pet purpose only and include vet check, spay or neuter, microchip, age-appropriate vaccines (NR option available), deworming, a guarantee of sound health

All of our Savannahs qualify for Tica registration at the SBT level.


The following kittens and young adults are offered at greatly reduced prices due to their ages. Older kittens and adults have a harder time adjusting to new people and will need more time and patience, but once settled in, will be great family additions.


Brown spotted tabby 

Male, neutered

born 10/8/21


Watch a short video of Blaise

(price reduced due to age)

This boy is kind, and handleable, but he's not needy, nor overly affectionate.. He'll greet you when you come home, and he'll let you know if he needs something, but he's got important stuff to do! Those spiders aren't going to catch themselves! Oh, you have a wand toy, well ok, bestie! He might become more affectionate once he's out of the cathouse, and bonds with his person. Is that you? He was a cuddly kitten, but now that he's a teenager, it's not as cool. He won't even pose for pictures!

As of now, 'Marbs' is his buddy. They would go great together!

(but they don't have to)


Bastcats My Kinda Lover

Raziel Reign Suicide Blonde



Silver Classic Tabby

(aka marble, aka king)

born 11/5/2021


(price reduced due to age)

This boy is Sa-WEET!

He's busy as Savannahs are, but always checking in and offering up some loves. Simply making eye contact gets that purr motor going, but of course, he's going to follow through with some schmoozing too.  

As you can see, his type is wonderful. If he were spotted, he just might have stayed here to replace his daddy.

(Don't tell Jagger I said that!)


Sire: RazielReign Moves Like Jagger

Dam: Bastcats Private Dancer

Silvy a.jpg


Silver Classic Tabby Female

(aka marble, aka king)

born 11/5/2021


(price reduced due to age)

Did I say the boy was sweet? Well, multiply that by ten and maybe get an idea of how affectionate this little girl is. She gets along ok with other cats, but isn't really interested in them. She needs humans to tell her tales to! She's chatty and always wants love. 


Sire: RazielReign Moves Like Jagger

Dam: Bastcats Private Dancer


Brown Spotted Boys

Born 2/6/22

Brown spotted neutered males - $600

See a short video of the Boys


Bastcats My Kinda Lover

Razielreign Hocus Pocus

Attention Savannah BREEDERS looking to expand your cattery: 

Or experienced breeder looking to restart ... 

Adult cats available now! SBT or can produce SBT kittens. No Early Generation.

Female - RazielReign Hocus Pocus - Gorgeous golden brown spotted C0N, Produces SBT. Consistently has 5-7 kittens per litter. Excellent mother.

Female - RazielReign Suicide Blond - Gorgeous Lynx Point spotted C0N. produces SBT. litter size 1-4. Great mother. 

Female - Bastcats (official name open) "Sinclair" Beautiful golden Brown Spotted. is breeding now with Wango Tango.

Female - Bastcats (official name open) "Silvy" SWEET Silver Classic tabby. Never bred. 

Male -  RazileReign Moves Like Jagger - Silver Spotted Tabby, super sweet boy

Male - RazielReign Wango Tango - Gorgeous Golden Brown, very shy  

Take my whole Savannah cattery* for only $10k!! With possibly including delivery to western USA (CA-AZ-NV-UT-ID-OR-WA)

(*only the cats in this list)

Willing to work out smaller packages - or sell individually with delivery/meeting negotiable.

Any sales will be pending approval by the cattery owner/seller.

I LOVE my cats. I have put YEARS ... DECADES into developing my Savannah lines, but I'm getting older. I'm TIRED. I want to do other things. I want to find the RIGHT cattery worthy of handing over my decades of hard work. If you think that's you, let's talk. 

Meet The Team


RazielReign Suicide Blonde


RazielReign Hocus Pocus


Bastcats Sinclaire

PxJ G.jpg

Bastcats __"Silvy"__


RazielReign Moves Like Jagger

RazielReign Wango Tango.jpg

RazielReign Wango Tango

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