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We are currently accepting deposits for upcoming litters, as well as on our current kittens. 

A deposit of $250 now locks in your place for a kitten, at the inclusive price of $1500.

Inclusive Price includes the kitten, vet check up, microchip, spay or neuter (including upgrading to safer anesthesia), age-appropriate vaccines, dewormings, and delivery to Las Vegas, NV area (either your home, hotel or the airport). Delivery is available to other areas for an additional charge. 

Kittens of exceptional quality, which have not been previously reserved may be priced higher.


Once you have locked in your price with your paid deposit, it will not be raised even if our prices do increase. The deposit does count toward the cost of the kitten.

Our Egyptian Mau kittens are almost always reserved before they're even born. 

While our Savannah kittens haven't been going quite as fast, they are getting to be known for their high value (at a great price) so demand is growing. Get your reservation in early for the best pick!

We now have a  digital contract but still can do the good old fashioned written style if you prefer! 

Read below about delivery costs if you're not picking up in the Las Vegas area.


Have Kittens Will Travel

While cargo shipping (the standard way that breeders send a pet to the new owners in other areas), has been next to impossible, when not impossible, in these times, we have found that it is often possible to fly with the kitten to their destination and hand-deliver to their new family for about the same price as cargo would have cost. This is not always the case, but we do our best to seek out flights that will make it possible. 

Since it is so much easier on the kitten to have the comfort of their known human companion riding with them in the main cabin of the airplane, and personally introduce them to their family, it's now our preferred method of delivery. If schedules allow, we are available to offer this add-on for kittens.  This option starts at $400 (for many west coast destinations) however it can run up to $1200 for east coast destinations. Many factors go into determining the cost. Serious inquiries are welcome for a ballpark quote. Include your airport when you inquire.  

Delivery by car to Nevada, southern California, and Arizona - varies depending on the distance we need to travel and current fuel prices. 

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