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Our kittens are sold out. Scroll down this page if you would like to adopt an adult cat. Our next litters will be expected in May - June -July for Egyptian Mau kittens, and Savannah kittens.  A deposit of $250 now locks in your place for a kitten, at the price of $1200. Prices will likely be increasing very soon, with no further notice. Once you are locked in, your price will not be raised even if our prices do increase. The deposit does count toward the cost of the kitten. Read below about delivery costs if you're not picking up in the Las Vegas area.



Have Kittens Will Travel

While cargo shipping (the standard way that breeder's send a pet to the new owners in other areas), has been next to impossible, when not impossible, in these times, we have found that it is often possible to fly with the kitten to their destination and hand deliver to their new family for about the same price as cargo would have cost. This is not always the case, but we do our best  to seek out flights that will make it possible. 

Since it is so much easier on the kitten to have comfort of their known human companion riding with them in the main cabin of the airplane, and personally introduce them to their family, it's now our preferred method of delivery. If schedules allow, we are available to offer this add-on for kittens.  This option starts at $350

Many factors go in to determining the cost. Serious inquiries welcome for a ballpark quote. Include your airport when you inquire.  

Delivery to Nevada, southern California, and Arizona - can range from $0-100 by car, depending on distance we need to travel. 

Ghosties Yellow 1.png


SOLD - Going to Austin TX

Blue-eye seal lynx point spotted born 8/8/2020.

I don't know why this boy is still available! He's the pick of the litter. Biggest, typiest, and if you like the snows, he's got it going on! My lack of photography skills are not doing him any favors, I know. 

His spots are coming in nicely. I expect that they will continue to darken as he grows up. 

(breeder inquiries welcome - reasonable breeding price to apply)

Momma is Razielreign Suicide Blonde - "Ghostie" 

Daddy is Razielreign Moves Like Jagger _"Jag"

See his Video

New Video posted 3/18/2021






Sinclair is  such a gentle sweetheart.  We  will be sad to say goodbye to Sinclair, but can’t wait to see which family she will join. Pet price reduced for age. $500. See Sinclair's gallery.

DOB: 04/25/2020

Sire: Razielreign The Hunted

Dam: Razielreign Thats Not My Name




We call her Privy because she is so involved in what everyone is doing she just has to be Privy to everyone's business. She is super sweet too, just a tad mischievous. She is one who will be a very actively involved family member. Her pet price is reduced to $500 because of her age. See Privy's gallery.

DOB: 04/25/2020

Sire: Razielreign The Hunted

Dam: Razielreign Thats Not My Name

Privy 20200907.jpg



Miss Sassy Pants has earned her name. She's somewhat spoiled. She is looking for a home where she can rule the roost and get lots of loving - when SHE decides it's lovey time. She can play pretty rough at times so she is not one for small kids. Other pets - well, let's talk about if they might be a match. Since she is an adult cat, she is at the reduced price of $250. and is already spayed. See Sassy's gallery.

DOB: 05/27/2019

Sire: Razielreign The Hunted

Dam: Razielreign Ruby Slippers




"Wolfie" is a sweetheart. He doesn't live up to his Halloween baby name of Werewolf. He hasn't yet found his family, but that's ok. He's very patient, so he won't hold it against you that you took so long to find him. This is not a retired stud. He's always been a pet, was neutered young. Other's looking for flashy spots have passed him up, but that's to your benefit. For only $100 ransom, you can be this sweet Savannah boys's family. See Wolfie's Gallery

DOB: 10/31/2017

Sire: Razielreign The Hunted

Dam: Razielreign Ruby Slippers




Retired Savannah"Sammy" was kept as a breeder but never used. He is now neutered and ready to make the switch to the pet life. He is best suited to a quiet home, preferably with a catio (or other cat-safe outdoor enclosure). He is a bit timid with strangers but quite sweet once he trusts you. He will need some time to adjust and settle into his new home. Adoption fee $75