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Bastcats Pet Sale Reservation Agreement

The agreed-upon price of a kitten is $1500. (One Thousand Five Hundred US Dollars) The deposit amount is $250.00 US Dollars. I understand this is a non-refundable deposit that reserves this particular kitten for me from Bastcats Cattery. The deposit paid does count toward the price. Once I reserve a particular kitten, that kitten is on hold for me only, not to be sold to another party. My deposit holds my kitten to the age of 16 weeks unless other arrangements are agreed upon. Balance of kitten price shall be paid either at time of transfer or prior to travel if shipping/delivery is required. If paying at the time of transfer, payment shall be cash or venmo unless other arrangements have been made. If paying any other method, payment needs to be made far enough in advance to clear the seller’s account before the kitten will be transferred to the buyer.

I understand that shipping/travel expenses are NOT included in the price and I will be responsible for those expenses (if needed) in addition to the price of my kitten. Bastcats Cattery has no control over shipping expenses but will do their best to find the most reasonable airfare while considering the comfort of the kitten. There is no added charge for delivery to Las Vegas, NV.  If my address, phone or email should change, it is my responsibility to notify Bastcats Cattery of the changes.

I understand that my kitten may be spayed or neutered before I receive it. This reasonable expense will be added to my total (actual vet bill will be available to you).  However, if it has not been done, I am required to have the surgery performed, at my own expense,  no later than when the kitten reaches 6 months of age. Under no circumstance will I allow this kitten to breed or reproduce. Veterinarian proof of altering needs to be sent to the seller to prove the procedure has been completed to fulfill my contractual obligation. Registration papers will not be released if the kitten is not altered by 6 months of age.

Bastcats Cattery guarantees the kitten to be of sound health and free of any infectious disease at the time of transfer. It is my responsibility to keep the kitten healthy once I receive it, by continuing a wholesome and complete diet, and protection from hazards and outside factors. I will have my veterinarian examine the kitten within 48 hours of receipt to confirm that the kitten is in satisfactory health.

               I agree to all the terms within this agreement and understand that the $250.00 deposit is not refundable for any reason, but I do have the option to decline acceptance of this kitten if it has developed differently than expected at the time of placing the deposit. In that case, my deposit can be applied to a different kitten at Bastcats Cattery that meets my expectations (subject to availability, pricing may vary on other kittens).

Submitting this form electronically serves as my signature, agreeing to the terms above to reserve a kitten from Bastcats Cattery. Payment of the deposit activates this agreement. 


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