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Our Savannah cat kittens are raised in a healthy, loving environment, inside the home as family.  It's always hard for us to see them go because we love each one so much. As we want the best for each of our babies, we are very honest and upfront about all their traits, good and bad. We believe that this helps to ensure the adopter is not getting any unwanted surprises, and the kitten or cats adopted from us are exactly what was expected, so that everyone is happy in the transaction. 


We started observing and learning all about Savannah cats in the mid 1990s. That is about when we obtained our first Serval, and not long after, our second Serval. They were kept as beloved housepets. They taught us so much. Knowing their traits. it's easy for us to see and appreciate the Serval traits that still come out in the Savannah Cat - the good and the otherwise :-) 


Savannah cats are often described as "dog-like". This varies from cat to cat of course, but some common "dog-like" traits that are found in some Savannahs; playing fetch, walking on a leash, coming when called, being protective of their person. 

This is not to be expected as an automatic trait list. This is just examples of what may come through.

We have experience with all generations of Savannahs, the from Serval to SBT, and everything in between. While we love and adore them all, we find the SBT level to be the most versatile, consistently, family friendly version. This is what we concentrate our program on, to offer you a healthy, predictable, sound tempered cat, with a touch of the wild and the mild temperament of a house cat. Although you will quickly find, this is no regular house cat. They certainly have stand-out personalities! If you are looking for your first Savannah, welcome to your lifestyle upgrade. 

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