Egyptian Mau

Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy in the Savannah Cat. Long time Savannah Cat Breeder with a passion for animals, natural holistic health, and wholesome foods. We breed for exceptional quality and ensure we always maintain the highest possible standards. To learn more about us or to inquire about available kittens, please email us.

Pictured to the left; Razielreign Set Fire to the Rain, aka "Sparky" who can be found within our kitten's pedigrees. He is an example of what some of our brown spotted kittens may look like. We also get kittens in silver, and blue-eye white, snow, (seal lynx point).

Reasonable prices. ​

An Ethical Breeder Dedicated to a Healthy Legacy in the Savannah Cat

Our kittens are raised in a healthy, loving environment, inside the home as family.  It's always hard for us to see them go because we love each one so much. As we want the best for each of our babies, we are very honest and upfront about all their traits, good and bad. We believe that this helps to ensure the adopter is not getting any unwanted surprises, and the kitten or cats adopted from us are exactly what was expected, so that everyone is happy in the transaction. 

We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our animals. We expect the same of those we trust our babies to. Our cats are raised holistically and fed a natural raw diet. We will be more than happy to help you learn about this diet and ensure a good transition when your kitty comes home. Our goal is to make sure each kitten is a good match to the family it is adopting, so that ALL parties are happy in the transition. If you are opposed to raw feeding, try seeking out others who do feed raw and find out why it's done from people who have switched their animals from standard diets to raw. Most will be all too happy to share the benefits of healthier, happier animals, and better results in the show ring as well. If you are still opposed to a raw diet, then our cattery is probably not a good match for you, because our kittens are acclimated to raw only, and may not continue to do as well if forced to switch to an inferior diet, IF they will even eat it at all. Cats are obligate carnivores and cannot thrive on a vegan diet. 


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions, and to tell us about the Savannah you are hoping for.

(We do not have early generation (F1-F4) cats).

Yes, we do also raise Egyptian Mau cats.  There is a waiting list (which requires a deposit) for our Mau kittens. Reach out if you'd like to get on that list. Next litter expected January 2021.

Shipping or in-person delivery within the United States is available to most areas, at the buyer's expense. (in-person delivery is not always available, but we will do our best to accommodate your needs) 

Local pick up area

 Southern Nevada/Arizona/Southern California  

We use the Las Vegas airport for shipping, or drive to you. Delivery may have an added reasonable fee to cover time and expenses. 

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